One of the best bike trailers for groceries

Best Bike Trailer for Groceries

Tired of carrying your own groceries on a bike? These are the BEST bike trailers for groceries out there right now.

One of the best bar ends for mountain bikes

BEST Bar Ends for Mountain Bikes

These are the best bar ends for mountain bikes that’ll give you extra comfort and make going uphill a lot easier.

Closeup of a bicycle wheel with a broken spoke

Can You Ride a Bike With a Broken Spoke?

It’s safe to continue riding a bike with one or two broken spokes, but you should fix the problem as soon as you can with some rim tape, and get loose spokes looked at as soon as possible.

Presta valve poking out of a bicycle wheel rim

Can a Presta Tube Go On Your Schrader Rim?

Supply chains are unpredictable these days, and that can make bike tubes scarce. You may be wondering whether installing a Presta tube onto a Schrader rim will do the trick.

A cyclist hunches his head down and strains to pedal

Why Is Your Bike So Hard To Pedal?

If your bike is unusually hard to pedal, you need to give it a good inspection. Check the wheels and all components of the drivetrain for signs of damage, wear and tear.

A miniature bicycle on a counter

Can a Bike Frame Be Too Small?

A smaller bike frame can provide some benefits in performance and handling, but if it becomes too small you begin to lose those advantages.

Complete guide to bike touring

Complete Guide to Bike Touring

Everything you need to know about bike touring: How to prepare physically and mentally, how to pack, and the best places to tour around.

Two Wheel Gear garment pannier on the back of a man's bike

How to Carry a Suit on a Bike

If your job requires you to wear a suit, cycling to work may seem like a challenge. How do bike commuters get to work without showing up in a sweaty or dirty suit?

View from a ride on the world's tallest bike

Is Your Bike Frame Too Big?

If your back, shoulders, or wrists ache after a ride, that could be a sign that your bicycle frame is too big.

A step-through bicycle

What is a Step-Through Bike?

A step-through bike has a frame with no horizontal top tube, making it possible for the rider to ‘step through’ the frame when mounting and dismounting the bicycle.

Closeup of a bicycle chain cutting diagonally across the frame

What Oil Can You Use on a Bike Chain?

If you run out of chain lube, can you use a different oil? Before grabbing the WD40 or cooking oil, take a closer look at the types of oil you can use on a bike chain.

Cyclist holding an iphone above his bike handlebars

Using Your iPhone as a Bike Computer

An iPhone can do everything a bike computer does and adds some convenience, but it comes with downsides such as battery drain, less weatherproofing and questionable durability.